Heads Up!

Look around your city, town or village and you’ll find life growing in all sorts of places. One interest of mine in particular, is the way in which plants manage to grow on rooftops or even on the side of buildings.

You can spot green leaves just under the lip of my roof

The way this happens is that seeds land and germinate in between cracks of the concrete and brick and as long as they have sunlight, oxygen, warmth and water, they can survive. As a tree or plant goes through its cycle, seedlings are blown around and it is just pure luck that this is where it has landed and thrived.

If seeds make it up so high, they will have the key ingredients which will allow them to grow with plenty of sunlight, rainwater and oxygen getting to them. A healthy plant makes its own food from the sugars in sunlight, using photosynthesis.

This lonely plant is thriving all by itself

Closer view of the plant

Take a look outside your own front door and I can almost guarantee there is life growing around it, particularly if you live in an older house near a park or forest. We’ve used this technique to manipulate our cities and walls to create intricate and attractive patterns, particularly using vines.
Life is stubborn in such a way that it will try and grow wherever it can, which only emulates the beauty of its presence. Even between the cracks in concrete pavement slabs you will find life growing and a tiny little ecosystem will be growing inside, of which is completely unique to our planet.

An old castle almost completely consumed by vines

As common as it appears to us, all of it is so infinitely rare within the Universe – as are we. You can really appreciate life when you understand how determined it is to find a way to grow any way it can. There are many guides online which will teach you how to allow plants to grow in this vine-fashion if you wanted to emulate this look and it can give your walls a very unique touch.

Google search “ivy garden” for similar looks

Large, naturally growing vines on the roadside


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