Crowning Glory

We have a new addition to the family (or 2 in fact) as I’ve managed to successfully pot some strawberry plants, although as they’re just crowns for now it may take a while before we see any flowering and perhaps not even till next year that it produces fruits.

Two strawberry crowns in a packet with some bone meal

Strawberries require a lot less specific attention, as apposed to Hector our Venus Fly Trap. They are perfectly happy with tap water (although natural rain water is always best) and don’t require much, probably only a couple of inches of water once or twice a week. As long as the soil is moderately moist this should be ok, stick your finger in the compost a couple of inches deep to ensure the soil is damp below the surface.

Two strawberry crowns with the roots

All the roots should be buried with just the crown showing

Leave the crowns in water for 1 hour to allow moistness to roots

Make holes in the bottom to ensure good drainage

When potting your soil it is important to break up the compost, use a good quality soil designed for fruit and vegetable growing for best results.

Only the crown should be exposed

I would actually recommend filling up your bucket higher than I currently have, about an inch from the top. I do plan to go back and add more soil.

Two potted strawberry plants

That’s it! It is a lot easier than you may think, I will monitor the growth over the next few weeks with some updates on when it begins to sprout.

The biggest problem a lot of people face with strawberries is putting them in a place away from birds or animals so keep that in mind when you plant yours.


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