We Have Growth!

Continuing our journey with Hector, The Venus Fly Trap, I’ve noticed some change in his appearance. The last 2 days have been particularly hot and not a cloud in the sky has given me pleasing results.

Notice the red tint to the head

If you pull up a Google search you’ll see that mature adult plants have almost fully red heads. This one of mine in particular is beginning to find its way and I discovered that the moss presents a challenge as they need to be kept damp, whereas the Venus prefers just a little dampness (note my previously blog on the topic of watering your plants).

You’ll see the moss has turned brown in parts

When moss is not kept moist enough this will turn brown or even white. It can also be seen as a blessing in disguise as this will help me find the perfect balance for how often I should be watering.

A Little Sprout of Life!

My most exciting feature of Hector the Venus is this little sprout that has popped up whilst I have been out of the house today. A sure sign of life and that things are going well in my mini-ecosystem and now we have a means to measure the progress as more heads begin to blossom.


Venus’ are proudly efficient in catching their own food. I’ve not been concerned with how much or how often Hector will be eating as he will literally do the work himself. We’ve had a small variety of visitors, mostly flies, but I haven’t managed to capture anything live in action just yet.

Possible Flesh Fly

Possible St. Mark’s Fly

Eaten Snipe Fly

My knowledge of flies is still delicate (remember, we’re learning together) but I’ve taken sensible guesses as to what flies have been visiting and the Snipe Fly is most easily indentifiable due to its curved tail (apologies I know the images aren’t the best as I’m using an iPhone camera for now). I’ve had Hector for 3 weeks and this is the first meal I’ve spotted so don’t become too anxious if you don’t get any visitors at first.

You’ll notice I am taking a steady, laid back approach now Hector has been here a little while. You’ll naturally become more comfortable too and find your form.

I’ve got some exciting news for next week, and we will start to move away from plant life as the weeks go on but of course, will always have to monitor Hector and inform you of his progress. Bye for now!


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